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Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • Improve mobility and enhance function and performance

  • Detection and prompt treatment of subclinical issues in order to prevent problems arising in future

  • Identifying underlying problems which may be contributing to compensatory musculoskeletal and dynamic dysfunction

  • Aid and support tissue healing

  • Provide pain relief (alongside medical intervention)

  • Improve patient comfort, wellbeing and quality of life

Veterinary Physiotherapy Treatments

All treatment plans are individual and based on

current evidence-based research

    Treatments include:

    Manual techniques

  •     Deep tissue massage

  •     Stretching

  •     Joint mobilisations


    Remedial exercise


Canine physiotherapy North Yorkshire
Equine physiotherapy North Yorkshire

All veterinary physiotherapy assessment and treatment carried out under veterinary permission, as stated in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. CLICK HERE for veterinary consent form.

Open communication maintained throughout treatment programme with veterinarian and other involved professionals.

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