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What to expect from a physiotherapy session 

  • All physiotherapy sessions are carried out with veterinary permission, this may be obtained by either the owner or the physiotherapist. CLICK HERE for veterinary consent form

  • Full history taken and aims of treatment discussed

  • Static and dynamic assessment to identify conformational issues, asymmetries and abnormal movement patterns. Equine patients may also be observed on lunge and / or ridden

  • Full body palpation and assessment of joint range of motion to identify areas of tension, soreness, restriction and difference in muscle tone

  • Thorough treatment performed to address problems identified. This may include manual techniques (e.g. massage, stretching and joint mobilisations) and / or application of electrotherapies

  • Demonstration of appropriate remedial exercises to provide strengthening influence and promote correct movement patterns

  • Detailed treatment report including instructions for any ‘homework’ to be carried out by the owner (copy will also be sent to vet if requested)

  • Follow-up appointment(s) discussed as required (dependant on case)

  • Initial sessions are usually slightly longer duration (up to 90 minutes), compared to follow-ups (approx 60 minutes). Canine appointments are often shorter duration.


Equine - £60

Canine - £50

Prices may sometimes vary depending on treatment required

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or BACS

Discounts often available for group bookings (3 or more animals)

N.B. Additional travel charges may sometimes be incurred for single animal visits

Hannah Coates Veterinary Physiotherapy North Yorkshire
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